General description, construction and operation of the glass transport racks:

Glass transport racks are used for internal or external transport of flat glass. They are exactly tailored to your needs and save you as much time and money. Stable tubular steel constructions, high capacities, special glass safety devices and rubber extrusions at the bearing surfaces ensure a safe transport of your glasses or glass boxes. For the protection of the glasses with the bull series we have Belt clamping bars, these are inserted down into prefabricated hole raster. Above the belt is fitted and clamped by the belt clip. The glasses can be secured, transported over long distances and externally on the truck. Standard models are equipped with forklifts to lift both as well as with cranes. It is to be noted however that the racks will not load on one side may. Due to the large selection of standard models are almost all kinds of applications considered. In addition, we are able to adapt models to your wishes and needs exactly.